Research Area

松村・藤田研究室 研究マップ/Research Map

松村・藤田研究室 研究計画1504ー1603/Research Plan during Apr.15-Mar.16

A 建築構法(Building Construction System)
Analysis on the Change of Modern Timber Building Construction in Japan

B 質構造・伝統構法 (Timber Structure,Traditional Building Construction)
Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Traditional Timber Building
Study on the Seismic Performance of Bearing Wall of Modern Timber Building in Japan
Dynamic characteristics of traditional timber building

C 建築生産 Building Production System
Reorganization of (House) Buildings Systems
Building Construction of Contemporary Timber Architecture
Effective Use of Potential of Japanese Arch. & Building Component
Study on a Production System of Post-Disaster Temporary Houses with Utilization of Regional Resources


D 災害 Damage Investigation after Disaster
Research on the Damage of Timber Structures by Earthquake
Research on the Damage of Timber Structures by Tsunami
Damage investigation based on Literature Survey

E アジアの木造建築に関する研究 Timber Building in Asia
Building Construction System of the Town Houses in George Town, Malaysia

H その他
Other one


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